Yahoo! is hiring an innovative storyteller!

If you’ve read my Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn status updates over the past three months, you probably have a good sense of just how much I love my job, my team, my boss, my boss’s bosses, my cubicle neighbors, my corporate-shuttle buddies, my corporate-cafeteria breakfasts and lunches, and everything else that makes Yahoo! such a refreshing place to work!

And if you could have joined in on my email, phone, and in-person conversations with friends, industry colleagues, and strangers alike, you would have been amazed — as I was — by how often they said they wanted a job like mine.

Well, now you can have a job like mine! Yahoo! wants to hire someone like me for a slightly different role on my fabulously fun and collaborative team. If you’re passionate about storytelling and creative about using different mediums — from pencils to iPads to yodels — to bring ideas to life, we want to hear from you.

Here’s the job description, freshly issued by Yahoo! this morning:

Writer, Corporate Communications
Location: Sunnyvale, US – Sunnyvale
Req. Number: 33254

About Yahoo!

Think about impacting 1 out of every 2 people online — in innovative and imaginative ways that are uniquely Yahoo!. We do just that each and every day, and you could too. After all, it’s big thinkers like you who will create the next generation of Internet experiences for consumers and advertisers across the globe. Now’s the time to show the world what you’ve got. Put your ideas to work for over half a billion people.

Reporting to the Sr. Director of Storytelling, this position is responsible for writing, editing and contributing to a wide spectrum of customer-ready deliverables that articulate in very engaging ways the compelling marketplace conversations happening around Yahoo!, advancing the understanding about Yahoo!s differentiated consumer and b2b value propositions. This writer will spearhead the creation of internal and external deliverables that articulate the brand story vis a vis a product/property/audience experience. The role involves working closely with marketing and product teams to develop/evolve/tune messaging, identify user/customer success cases that instantiate the story and activating the story in engaging customer-facing deliverables. The role also involves leading/participating in internal training programs focused message activation. The successful candidate will be a strong writer, editor and storyteller with experience in messaging/content development that works well under extremely tight deadlines and within the context of a fluid business environment.

* Drive the development/tuning/ongoing updating of anchor marketplace conversations within an established area of responsibility.
* Identify opportunities to tell the story through the voice of the customer/user.
* Drive the creation of best practices corporate storytelling.
* Lead/Participate in workshops and trainings that reinforce internal corporate storytelling disciplines.
* Work cross-organizationally to engage contributions and lead a collaborative process.

Minimum Qualifications
* 3+ years of professional writing/marketing/communication experience.
* Strong writing, editing and verbal communication skills.
* Demonstrated ability to work cross-organizationally in a large company to drive business results.
* Experience in managing multiple concurrent projects.
* Comfortable with deadline-driven workstreams.
* Positive, high-energy, flexible contributor.

Preferred Qualifications
* Background in journalism a plus but not required.
* Experience in visual design is a plus.

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings please visit

Interested? Feel free to ping me for more information or to submit your resume. And don’t delay, because — as with everything else — my team is moving very quickly on this.

We crashed the summer interns' ice-cream social lawn party simply to take a team photo on Yahoo!'s inflatable sofa! We need to take a new team photo soon because our team has already doubled in size! You could be Teammate No. 7...

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6 Responses to Yahoo! is hiring an innovative storyteller!

  1. vicky says:

    Awesome that you’re getting tons of blog love for this post. It sounds like an awesome team and I can’t wait to hear who you hire.


  2. Karen Bannan says:

    Too bad it’s not a telecommuting job. I’d apply. But instead I’ll tweet this for you. I have a lot of writer friends.


  3. Are you still accepting applications? I was recently working on something similar for Twitter, and I’d love to see Yahoo’s take first hand.


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