Reinventing the Autobiography for the iPad and iPhone

Fast Company looks at how Stephen Fry Reinvents the Autobiography for the iPad and iPhone:

“The digital edition probably took more fuss to make, as it contains every line from the physical copy but is much more interactive. The app seems to have taken a good deal of inspiration from Douglas Adams’ famous Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in that it all hinges around a dynamic index that lets you re-order the text however you prefer: You may choose to dial through the book in terms of the famous people he references, or by looking for Fry’s feelings versus his thoughts (one index setting lets you do this).”

Fun! What if you infused this kind of creativity in how businesses tell their stories? Would more people read the annual reports? I for one would have appreciated this ability to sift through, reorder, and pluck out unique narratives when I was combing through years of Securities and Exchange Commission filings looking for stories worth telling.

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