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Can you figure out which stories your local community wants to read?

Are you in tune with your city’s unique “tastes, customs, passions, and sources,” as this Yahoo! job description puts it?  If so, you might be a good candidate for one of the local online editor jobs that we want to … Continue reading

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A fish out of water

  fish out of water, originally uploaded by nicolecwong. Spotted on a San Francisco sidewalk in front of a house. I fell far behind my friends walking to lunch because I stopped to photograph this splendid koi that looked like … Continue reading

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What’s the most mundane object that merits an entire museum dedicated to telling its story?

The most mundane object I’ve come across that’s earned not only a spot in a museum but throughout the entire museum is Cup Noodle (or Cup O’ Noodles, which was its official name in the United States when I ate … Continue reading

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