Yahoo! is hiring a speechwriting storyteller!

At dinner yesterday, my pal recounted that she had told her boyfriend she was off to dine with “the girl who loves her job.”  Five of us gals were sitting around the table chowing down on crispy chicken salad and feta-topped lamb sliders, but she had been referring to me.

It’s true!  I do love my job!  I just didn’t know that had earned me a shiny, new sobriquet.  At any rate, no need to gush any further about how fortunate I feel to work in a fun, nurturing environment where I can align my passions and talents with my job as a storytelling architect on Yahoo!’s global brand-management marketing-communications team (called the “storytelling team” for short).  No need because I already did that when my team announced we posted a new position for an innovative storyteller.

On to the description of our second new job opening, which I’ll sum up as a thought-leadership speechwriter gig. We’re looking for a persuasive storyteller who knows how to take the pulse of an industry (or of a function that cuts across industries) and craft compelling, forward-looking big ideas that will steer public discourse on the topic.  Intrigued?  Confused?  Either way, read the full, official version of the job opening here:

Manager, Storytelling – Global Communications
Location: Sunnyvale, US – Sunnyvale
Req. Number: 33510

About Yahoo!

Think about impacting 1 out of every 2 people online — in innovative and imaginative ways that are uniquely Yahoo!. We do just that each and every day, and you could too. After all, it’s big thinkers like you who will create the next generation of Internet experiences for consumers and advertisers across the globe. Now’s the time to show the world what you’ve got. Put your ideas to work for over half a billion people.

Reporting to the Sr. Director of Storytelling, this position is responsible for building out a portfolio of content that showcases how the unique combination of Science + Art + Scale enables Yahoo! to deliver audience solutions that connect advertisers and marketers to the consumers who will build their business. This senior individual contributor will have world-class storytelling talent, expressed through written, verbal and visual communications. The role also requires strategic insight — to be able to understand the marketplace landscape and see the opportunity to tell a differentiated story within it. A background in executive speechwriting is a plus, as many of the deliverables that result from this persons work will be stump speeches. In addition to driving the creation of engaging marketplace stories around Yahoo!, this person will steward the adoption of them across the company. The role involves working very closely with sales and marketing teams, who are primary input sources to the work this person does, and are consumers of the output as well. The successful candidate is an engaging storyteller who’s very skilled at distilling very complex concepts into clear and compelling ideas, and who weaves them together in a story arch that’s engaging, persuasive and memorable.

The ability to work very collaboratively under extremely tight deadlines and within the context of a fluid business environment is important. A background in Advertising/Agency/Digital Media is preferred.

* Spearhead the creation of a portfolio of stump speeches that articulate the unique value that Yahoo! delivers to advertisers and marketers through the unique combination of Science + Art + Scale
* Merchandize these stories into numerous form factors including executive presentations, op ed pieces, 20-second narratives and more.
* Drive adoption of the storytelling portfolio across the company
* Lead/Participate in workshops and trainings that reinforce internal corporate storytelling disciplines
* Work cross-organizationally to engage contributions and lead a collaborative process.

Minimum Qualifications
* 6 years of professional writing/marketing/communication experience, with a preference to a candidate with executive speechwriting experience and a background in the Digital Media space
* Strong writing, editing and verbal communication skills
* Demonstrated ability to work cross-organizationally in a large company to drive business results
* Experience in managing multiple concurrent projects
* Comfortable with deadline-driven workstreams
* Positive, high-energy, flexible contributor
* Demonstrated ability to work seamlessly with broader team to achieve measurable results
* Detail oriented and organized
* Works very well under tight deadlines

Preferred Qualifications
* Background in journalism a plus but not required
* Experience in visual design is a plus

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information or to search all of our openings please visit

Interested in the speechwriting storyteller job?  Feel free to ping me for more information or to submit your resume.

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Life explorer. Multimedia storyteller. Experience architect. Everything enthusiast. Omnivore epicure. Lindy-hop lover. Living by grace through faith.
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