Retelling the Nativity Story with a high-tech, social-media touch

A challenge storytellers often face is how to creatively, engagingly retell a story that everyone already knows.  The 2,000-year-old Nativity Story is a perfect example.  And this Digital Nativity YouTube video brilliantly solves the problem by cleverly retelling the revered, ancient story by solely using fun, digital-era consumer technologies — Twitter, Facebook, Farmville, iPhone, Foursquare, Google Earth, Wikipedia, and more.

I love how this Digital Nativity video is simple, understated, and easy to follow. There’s no narrator, no text slides stitching together or explaining the narrative.  Yet this witty video offers a meaningful social commentary.

I actually laughed out loud over the scenes featuring Farmville and Foursquare (two social technologies I’m resisting signing up for) because I could picture my friends buying sheep as virtual gifts and checking in at the manager.  And I watched the whole video two more times, each time as delighted as the first.

Now that’s a mark of great storytelling.

About Nicole C. Wong

Life explorer. Multimedia storyteller. Experience architect. Everything enthusiast. Omnivore epicure. Lindy-hop lover. Living by grace through faith.
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