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Retelling the Nativity Story with a high-tech, social-media touch

A challenge storytellers often face is how to creatively, engagingly retell a story that everyone already knows.  The 2,000-year-old Nativity Story is a perfect example.  And this Digital Nativity YouTube video brilliantly solves the problem by cleverly retelling the revered, … Continue reading

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Unusual Christmas Trees Countdown: #4

I love the shape and texture contrasts of this sidewalk holiday tree.  The straight, dull branches jutting out around the ginormous globes of luster.  At first glance, the ornaments threaten to snap the branches they’re dangling from.  Looks like a … Continue reading

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Unusual Christmas Trees Countdown: #5

i love this kitchen christmas tree!, originally uploaded by nicolecwong. Spotted this in my friend’s San Francisco kitchen. It evokes the true chill of winter, which ironically is a season that bears fruit.

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