Photography tip: Flowers floating on clouds

I love photographing reflections — especially in pools of water, like puddles or ponds. Reflections always catch my eye and dazzle my mind.

While I was attending my friend’s wedding yesterday at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, I stooped down to shoot this photo of ruffled flowers floating in a glassy pool lined with glazed Spanish tiles almost a foot beneath the edge of a rough-brick patio. Lots of contrasting textures. As your eyes move down the photo and deeper into the ground, what you’re looking at becomes more ethereal. The flowers float on — then almost melt into — the cotton-candy clouds strewn across the stunning blue sky reflected in the pool.

About Nicole C. Wong

Life explorer. Multimedia storyteller. Experience architect. Everything enthusiast. Omnivore epicure. Lindy-hop lover. Living by grace through faith.
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