Best view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

illumination, originally uploaded by nicolecwong.

You can catch glorious glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge from any side of it — north or south, east or wast, even above or beneath. I unfailingly favor admiring it from the east, as I jog along the San Francisco marina toward the bridge and the sun setting behind it.

Today at dusk, the headlights and tail-lights that flipped on for Friday rush hour illuminated the bridge’s suspender-like ropes that reflected in a puddle on the beach. I love how the commute traffic added a magical glow!

About Nicole C. Wong

Life explorer. Multimedia storyteller. Experience architect. Everything enthusiast. Omnivore epicure. Lindy-hop lover. Living by grace through faith.
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4 Responses to Best view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

  1. Anu says:

    Stunning, Nicole!


  2. I really love the foreground water, reflecting the sunset and the bridge. Beautiful!


    • Thanks! The gleaming reflection caught my eye and made this my favorite of the dozen photos I took of the bridge during sunset. I love noticing how the scene changes within a few minutes and from different angles.


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