Chasing the Volvo Ocean Race in Boston Harbor

Here’s my 140-character Twitterblog entries with photo links documenting our up-close view of this round-the-world race‘s only stop in the United States:

off to Boston Harbor sailing trip to chase Volvo Ocean Race’s 70-foot yachts that launch today on leg 7, to Galway, Ireland, of 9-month race – we set sail for the Volvo Ocean Race in Boston Harbor yesterday under clear blue skies – and sailed (through the locks) under my favorite Boston bridge, The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge – I appreciated sailing in the Rhodes 19 with this super-capable skipper and crew. Especially once the fog set in. – While the sun was shining, the waves were calm & it was someone else’s turn to sail, I got to sit on boat’s bow! – Unlike my last harbor trip, folks this time didn’t want to steer. Wanted their hands free to photograph the race! – The race officials were still setting up the course when we arrived in Boston Harbor – We slipped into the dock for an up-close, harbor-side view of the 70-foot racing yachts – By the time the race started an hour or so later, a thick fog set in. And kept getting worse. – The Telefonica Blue yacht raced back to finish line while the rest were still trying to round the floating marker – the Delta Lloyd yacht wasn’t that far behind the competition on 1st stretch to round the floating marker – Uh, who let a freighter into the harbor during the race? One yacht had to round floating marker AND freighter! – The fog-obscured freighter delayed the Delta Lloyd yacht, but crew didn’t look upset maybe 15-30 minutes later. – I’d be nervous on a boat keeling this much. How much of the 9-month round-the-world race do they sail that way? – We’re 1 of 100+ spectator boats with front-row seats of race in Boston Harbor. Had to dodge motorboats #VOR #Puma

After race, we sailed to Spectacle Island to wait for better conditions to sail home. But our 6 boats=lost in 100-ft visibility fog, no GPS

1st time harbor trip sailing conditions so bad, skippers said. & 1st time I’ve been so quiet! Dizzy, tossed by too many motorboats’ waves.

I turned into turtle, silently hiding in skipper’s hooded sweatshirt, which I wore over my raincoat, lifevest, windbreaker, fleece, T-shirt

They said I looked like football player. (No picture of that!) I couldn’t help sail since I was almost seasick. (No picture of that either!) – Finally the fog lifted and we sailed back to Boston Harbor. This is my favorite view of the city’s skyline. – I love being towed back under bridge and to dock @ end of harbor trip. Scene looks like the Little Ducklings

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