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What your tweets say about you (or: How to explain Twitter to your grandma)

What do my 3,545 Twitter status updates, photo uploads, location check-ins, article shares, and retweets reveal about who I am? Last night, I tried to explain Twitter to my 91-year-old grandma. Why? Well, she asked how I won our all-expenses-paid … Continue reading

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Retelling the Nativity Story with a high-tech, social-media touch

A challenge storytellers often face is how to creatively, engagingly retell a story that everyone already knows.  The 2,000-year-old Nativity Story is a perfect example.  And this Digital Nativity YouTube video brilliantly solves the problem by cleverly retelling the revered, … Continue reading

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How storytelling makes Facebook Pages successful

This blog post by a Microsoft online community manager on Why the Top Ten Facebook Pages Are Successful does a nice job providing a quick overview (with handy screenshots) of why fan pages for brands like Red Bull, Uno, The … Continue reading

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