Leaf-peeping in Japan at its peak

It’s already snowing in America’s northeastern states, where the famous amber and crimson fall foliage has long fallen and left their tree branches bare. But you can still peek at radiant sunsetting autumn leaves hitting their peak this week in Japan, particularly in Tokyo.  If you’re traveling there — or want to enjoy the views vicariously — check out this useful leaf-peeping monitoring report that’s updated with photos at least once a week for key fall-foliage scenic spots across Japan.

Here are my favorite fall foliage photos that I snapped while in Kyoto 2.5 weeks ago:

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To view the full-size photos, click here:

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1 Response to Leaf-peeping in Japan at its peak

  1. Pam says:

    The one with the water and the leaf on the bottom left is my fave.


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